A new exhibition in Malaga called “Exploring Picasso”

A new exhibition in Malaga called "Exploring Picasso"

If you like art and are in Malaga, Spain, you’re in for a treat! A new show at the Picasso Museum is shaking things up by putting Picasso’s works in different groups based on themes instead of his usual time periods. That’s pretty cool, right?


A New Way of Doing Things “Exploring Picasso”

What’s the point of this show, then? So far, it’s been going on since March 2027 and includes 141 pieces written by the man himself. Ten of them have never been seen in Spain before! Finding these secret gems is like finding lost treasures in Picasso’s hometown.

Talk to the Curator

Let’s talk about the people who run the business now. Michael FitzGerald, a big name in art history who goes to Trinity College in the US, came up with the idea for this new style. He’s not just following the order of events; he’s changing things up. It’s all mixed together, from Picasso’s earlier works to his very last ones. Also, guess what? These days, ceramics are also getting some attention. It’s about time they got the praise they deserve!

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Museums have always put Picasso’s art in groups based on the style he was working in—blue, pink, cubist, surrealist, you name it. Not this time, though! Putting together works from different times in Picasso’s life gives us a whole new view of his talent. Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, Picasso’s great-grandson, thinks it’s cool that this method lets us map out the links between different parts of his grandfather’s life. koin303

Secret Treasures

Now let’s talk about the cool stuff you’ll see. This is a picture from 1922 called “Paul,” which shows Picasso’s own son. There is also a sculpture from 1933 called “Femme accoudée” and a dish from the 1950s with a bull’s head on it. It’s a big deal that these pieces have never been to Spain before!

Some background information

To set the scene, the Picasso Museum in Malaga first opened its doors in 2003. It’s in a beautiful 16th-century castle that’s right next door to the house where Picasso was born in 1881. It really is important to stay close to home! pola gacor

The Journey of Picasso

We all know the story of Picasso, right? But he moved to Paris in 1904 and lived there for most of his adult life. He was born in Malaga. Also, don’t forget that he made a huge impact on the art world before he died in 1973. The Picasso Museum in Paris has the world’s largest collection of his work. If you’re ever in Paris, you should go see it.

There you have it—a whole new way to enjoy Picasso’s art right in the city where he was born. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind show—it will excite you and maybe even make you feel like a star!

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